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China Business Update - Heavy-Duty (CBU-HeavyDuty)
-- A 10-page bi-weekly e-newsletter focusing exclusively on China's heavy-duty market, including medium- and heavy-duty trucks, medium and large buses, special-purpose vehicles, heavy construction equipment, etc.

Why CBU-HeavyDuty?
Bi-weekly information and intelligence on China's heavy-duty industry and analyses of heavy-duty investment environment;

  • Timely report on China's new government policies, laws and regulations;
  • News, reviews and analyses of production, sales, R&D, services, import/export, finance, insurance, etc., with dependable statistics;
  • Advice on cultural intricacies involved in heavy-duty business transactions in China;
  • Valuable bi-weekly briefings on China's heavy-duty vehicle market unavailable from any other single publication.

CBU-HeavyDuty Format and Content
CBU-HeavyDuty is delivered in PDF format to our subscribers' email boxes twice each month, no less than 20 issues per year. The 10-page E-newsletter features the following content and regular columns:

  • Editor's Note - Editor's analysis of the overall regulatory, economic, manufacturing and market conditions pertaining to the heavy-duty industry in China.
  • Sales & Marketing - Latest news on China's heavy-duty market environment and analyses on sales and marketing strategies of manufacturers.
  • New Products - Reports on recent heavy-duty vehicle products launched in China.
  • Joint Venture Update - Developments of joint, cooperative and wholly foreign-owned ventures.
  • Import & Export - Timely report on China's heavy-duty import and export development.
  • Laws & Regulations - News and reviews of the latest government policies, laws and regulations.
  • Supplier News - News updates of China's heavy-duty supplier market.
  • Engine & Transmission - News reports about heavy-duty engines, transmissions and powertrains.
  • Alternative Fuel & New Energy - Highlight developments of fuel efficient, alternative fuel and new energy heavy-duty vehicles and products.
  • Rubber & Tire - Information on heavy-duty rubber and tires.
  • Statistics - Statistical page that reports on heavy-duty vehicle output and sales.
  • Upcoming Events - Calendar of major heavy-duty and commercial vehicle trade shows, seminars, investment forums and other related events in China.

No-Risk Guarantee
We make sure that our subscribers and customers get the best possible information and intelligence service available to help them understand and tap into China's heavy-duty market.
If, at any time during the first year of your subscription, you decide that CBU-HeavyDuty does not meet your expectations, you may cancel for a full refund.