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China Business Update - Automotive (CBU-Auto)
-- Weekly e-newsletter focusing exclusively on the world's largest emerging auto market, now into the 18th year of publication

Why CBU-Auto?

  • Weekly information and intelligence on China's automotive industry and analysis of the investment environment;
  • Reports on new laws and regulations and updates on China's Auto Industrial Policy;
  • News and analyses of production, sales, R&D, services, import/export, finance, insurance, etc., with dependable statistics;
  • Advice on the cultural intricacies involved in business transactions in China;
  • Valuable briefings on China's auto industry unavailable from any other single publication.

CBU-Auto Format and Content

CBU-Auto is an eight-page weekly E-newsletter that features the following regular columns:

  • Editor's Note -- Editor's analysis of the overall political, economic and social conditions pertaining to the automotive industry in China.
  • Laws and Regulations -- Discussion of new laws, regulations and government policies affecting foreign trade and investment.
  • Auto Industrial Policy -- Overall government strategy for developing and restructuring the auto industry and specific policies with regard to production, research and development, export and import, investment and finance, foreign exchange and taxation.
  • Industry Profile & Features -- Reports on the key players and developments in the Chinese automotive industry.
  • News in Brief -- News briefs on automotive production, marketing, sales, import/export, consumer affairs, and after-market services, as well as on auto-related industries -- steel, glass, oil, rubber, plastics, and highway construction.
  • Executive Profile/Interview -- Profile of auto executives in China's auto industry.
  • Joint-Venture Update -- Developments in joint ventures and wholly foreign-owned ventures.
  • Upcoming Events -- Calendar of major trade shows, business seminars, investment talks, and other important events related to the Chinese auto industry.

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