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Motor vehicle parc rises to 245.8 million units by end of 2014 [2016-02-04]

BEIJING – Compared with 1980, China’s motor vehicle parc had increased by 33 folds to 245.

Self-dumper sales down 70 percent to 74,000 through Q3 [2016-01-08]

BEIJING – Sales of self-dumper in China decreased 70 percent to 74,000 units through to September this year, indicating market decline of coalmine, city slag transport and medium and short-distance road transport of minerals and slags.

November HDT sales slide 17 percent to 45,000 units [2016-01-08]

BEIJING – November heavy-duty truck sales dropped 17 percent to 45,000 units, bringing total sales for the year to 499,000 to date, down 27 percent, reported cvworld.

October HDT sales slide 14 percent to 44,000 units [2016-01-08]

BEIJING – Heavy-duty truck sales decreased 14 percent to 44,000 units in October, and sales in the first ten months dropped 29 percent to 452,800 units, according to the latest statistics from truck manufacturers, reported cvworld.

August heavy-duty truck sales drop 27 percent to 35,000 units [2016-01-08]

BEIJING – Sales of heavy-duty trucks slid 27 percent to 35,000 units in August, according to the latest statistics provided by truck manufacturers.

China H1 commercial vehicle export down 6.38 percent [2016-01-08]

China exported 182,600 commercial vehicles in the first half, a decrease of 6.38 percent, according to the latest statistics of CCPIT-Auto.

China car owners age 34 in average [2016-01-08]

BEIJING – The China Automobile Consumption Trend Report compiled by Sinotrust, a consultancy of marketing solutions and credit solutions, reveals that 43.

China's government spending on vehicles exceeds ¥3 billion in 2010 [2016-01-08]

Up to July 26, 86 out of the 98 departments of the Chinese government had reported a total of ¥6.

Top 10 Auto and PV makers in China in H1 2011 [2016-01-08]

According to China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), the top 10 automakers by sales in H1 2011 were the SAIC, Dongfeng, FAW, Chang’

China's luxury vehicle market in the first half of 2015 [2015-12-20]

According to data published by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), automobile sales in June declined by 2.

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