Chinese cars could shake up European sales [2016-12-05]

A decade ago the Chinese made a big push to try and establish themselves in Europe. It was a disaster.

Auto Market Update: Trump Victory Puts Uncertainty In Automakers [2016-11-10]

The 2016 election has just ended and a new president has been elected. With a new leader comes changes and while others look forward to a new administration, some are uncertain about it.

A Chinese billionaire is staking his legacy — and thousands of American jobs — on this factory in Ohio [2016-11-02]

MORAINE, OHIO — Shortly after his private plane landed in Ohio on a recent morning, the Chinese billionaire set off down Interstate 75 to inspect the factory on which he has staked his legacy and the future of this gritty patch of the American Rust Belt.

They're coming to America -- someday [2016-10-17]
U.S. market still tempts the world's automakers and wannabes

The U.S. auto establishment has scarcely heard of Bob Smith and his Alkane Dominator, a beefy military truck he plans to assemble in South Carolina using a Brazilian army vehicle platform and U.S. components.

Americans Embrace a Made-in-China Buick SUV [2016-10-07]

Greg Shafer ended a lifelong streak of buying U.S.-made cars when in August the 53-year-old drove out of a Columbus, Ohio, dealership behind the wheel of a Buick Envision.

VW toys with giving up the U.S. mass market, and dealers fume [2016-03-13]

  By Christoph Rauwald and David Welch The suggestion was startling: Maybe VW should give up on selling cars to America's masses.

Audi sells fewer cars in October than Mercedes, BMW [2015-11-13]

BERLIN (Reuters) - Volkswagen's Audi brand sold fewer vehicles in October than German rivals BMW and Mercedes-Benz, according to data published on Thursday.

Everything must go: [2015-10-26]
This is a sign of how desperate Volkswagen is getting

Volkswagen diesel owners in U.S. face lost value and limbo [2015-10-21]

  By Alexandria Sage SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - As the resale value of their diesel cars drops, U.S. Volkswagen owners are stuck, unwilling to sell their polluting vehicles at a loss but lacking information on what fixes may be in store.

VW Faces Uphill Slog in Emissions Recall [2015-10-16]

By James M. Amend Ben Greenawalt bought his '10 Volkswagen Jetta TDI sedan for his 86-mile (138-km) daily commute as a turbine technician, saying the car delivers a whopping 46 mpg (5.

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