China on course to enforce tire labels

by Wayne Xing   2013-07-02

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Wayne Xing

China is on course to draft voluntary tire standards and labels which are expected to lead to state-level compulsory standards for the tire industry, according to a report by the 21 Shiji Jingji Baodao, or 21st Century Business Herald

The report quoted the China Rubber Industry Association (CRIA) as saying that it is drafting two voluntary standards, the Voluntary Standards for Green Tire Industry and Methods for the Implementation of Voluntary Publicity for the Green Tire Industry

, to be published by the end of 2013.

CRIA expects that 50 percent of China’s tire manufacturers would be capable of producing green tires by 2015 and one-quarter of them would produce more green tires than ordinary radial tires. Compulsory standards are expected to be released by 2017.

China’s green tire standards will be drafted based on the Euro C1/C2/C3 classifications that cover product specifications, raw materials, processing and environmental friendliness. Compared with the two-stage Euro compulsory standards, the majority of China’s semi-steel belted radial tires currently meet Euro’s 1st stage requirement but 30 percent of all-steel belted tires are not up to the requirement. The majority of China’s semi-steel tires and 70 percent of all-steel tires fail to meet the 2nd stage Euro standards.

Local tire makers currently have about 30 percent of the market in OEM supply, mostly in the mid- to low-end vehicle market.

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