New engine standard released to reduce vehicle emissions

by Ava You   2013-02-28

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BEIJING – The State Council Information Office of the People’s Republic of China (the State Council) released Views on Energy Saving of Internal Combustion Engine on February 17.

The State Council’s recommendations also aim to increase the amount of fuel efficient vehicles to constitute 60 percent of all motor vehicles on Chinese roads by 2015. According to estimations, this will allow fuel use to be six percent to ten percent less than it was in 2010, reducing commercial oil use by 20 million tons.

Fuel efficient vehicles currently only account for 30 percent to 40 percent of all motor vehicles in China, CIConsulting Environmental Protection Industry Analyst Hou Yuxuan pointed out.

According to the new recommendations on reducing emissions from gasoline powered vehicles, China plans to save 20 million tons of commodity fuel oil and reduce by 62 million tons of CO2 emissions as well as 10 percent of NOx.

It also mentions the country’s aim to reduce the amount of commercial fuel used by 15 million tons via the use of alternative products. A recent study showed that over 60 percent of China's oil is used to power gasoline engines.

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