Sinopec and CATARC announce strategic cooperation

by Linda Luo   2010-09-14

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TIANJIN - China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATARC) and China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. (Sinopec)'s Automobile Industry Technology Cooperation Center (AITCC) announced the establishment of a strategic cooperation during the 2010 International Forum on Chinese Automotive Industry Development held in Tianjin on September 4-5.

The two parties will collaborate on R&D of next-generation engines and compliable fuel and vehicle-use chemicals, said Zhao Jiang, deputy director of AITCC.

"About one-fifth of a car's weight is made from oil chemicals, and the connections between the auto industry and oil industry are becoming much closer. However, there is little communication between the two industries, resulting in resource and energy waste," said Zhang Jianhua, senior vice president of Sinopec, during his speech at the forum.

"Sinopec has been dedicated to improving oil quality. We plan to apply the Euro III emission standards around the whole country next year, and we are already able to produce Euro V fuels," added Zhang.

When asked to comment on evolution progress of China's fuel emission standards, Da Zhijian, deputy director of Sinopec's auto research institute, said the progress should not be pushed too fast. "It took Western countries about 30 years to evolve from Euro IV to Euro V standards. If we rush, there will be huge social cost in upgrading related equipments and standards. In fact, it took China only a decade to go from lead-free oil to Euro III, which was very fast."

Sinopec established its Automobile Industry Technology Cooperation Center last September. As China's largest oil retailer, Sinopec now owns over 30,000 gas stations nationwide and ranked No. 7 in the World's Top 500 in 2009.

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