Daimler removes senior exec over derogatory remarks about China

by Lei Xing   2016-11-21

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Rainer Gaertner

BEIJING – Daimler Greater China Ltd. issued a statement late in the evening of November 21 announcing the removal of a senior German executive involved in an incident in which he made derogatory comments on Chinese people.

Rainer Gaertner, president and CEO of Daimler Trucks & Buses (China) Ltd., had been under fire on China’s social media over his insulting remarks made during a parking lot spat with another driver near his home in Beijing’s Shunyi District a day earlier.

Gaertner reportedly said to passersby who were trying to defend the Chinese driver that “I have been in China one year already; the first thing I learned here is: All you Chinese are bastards” and even pepper sprayed them.

“The nature of the dispute and in particular the manner in which it was conducted, irrespective of any comments alleged to have been made, is adjudged to be not only of concern to the public but viewed by us as detrimental to the standing of our company, unbecoming of a manager of our brand and prejudicial to our good name,” said the statement that was also sent to all Daimler China employees. “Therefore, we have immediately relieved the manager of his position.”

The dispute between Gaertner and the Chinese driver has been resolved in an amicable manner and the details of the resolution would remain private and confidential between the two parties and inquiries by authorities have been closed, according to the statement.

Gaertner was appointed to his current position on July 1, 2015 after serving as head of Daimler Trucks Korea.

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